Mission support

In addition to its work in the local community, Beacon Lough Baptist Church has a tradition of supporting Christian work throughout the world. As well as giving regularly, each year at our anniversary celebration our members give monetary tokens of their thanks for the blessings received. The collection is divided and sent to areas where there is the most need.

In the United Kingdom we support the work of Baptist Home Mission, which supports Baptist ministers and churches in Great Britain as well as chaplains in education and industry.

We have also supported other organisations in recent years including:

Aquila Way

This organisation was set up by a group of young Christians to provide housing for homeless young people in Gateshead. Aquila Way attempts to free and empower homeless young people to begin the journey towards a new future with the compassion of God

BMS World Mission

It is a leading Christian mission organisation that aims to share life in all its fullness with the world’ s people by enabling them to know Christ, alleviating suffering and injustice and improving the quality of life. Through BMS World Mission we have subscribed to relief work in Afghanistan and have also subscribed to the needs of those people who were struck by the Tsunami on 26th December 2004.

Gill Thurgood and her husband Harland are Beacon Lough’s link missionaries who are currently based in Peru. Gill is a former member of Beacon Lough Baptist Church, she originally trained as a nurse and midwife before studying for a BA in Biblical and Cross Cultural Studies then an MA in Development Studies. Gill’s interest in community health and development has taken her to a number of different countries including Albania, Bangladesh and Sudan.

Caring for Life

This is a Christian project aimed at providing accommodation and support for those often marginalised by society in the Leeds area. Caring for Life aims to share the love of Jesus with homeless, needy young people in society by providing accomodation, ongoing support and friendship.

Gateshead Foodbank

The Gateshead Foodbank is run in partnership with local churches in Gateshead and is part of The Trussell Trust, a Christian charity committed to community action against poverty and marginalisation in the UK.

Premier Radio

This is a growing and important link reaching all peoples and denominations with the word of God. Premier Radio programmes run 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and there is a “lifeline” to help people with problems. They attend all major Christian events, like Keswick, Leading Edge and Spring Harvest. Their Chief Executive is the Rev. Peter Kerridge, who is a former member of our church.